Led brand identity, naming and product design for a fintech startup.  


From Zero to Hero: Building a Brand.

Throughout the course of a year, I led the brand strategy, identity and product design teams for a Luxembourg-based fintech startup client. Their ambition: the tokenization of financial transactions on the Ethereum blockchain that makes investment middle-men obsolete.

The result is STOKR –– an online platform that educates, tokenizes and engages communities to connect the world’s brightest minds with the investment capital to make a better future.

Agency: AKQA
Role: Creative Director


Brand Strategy. Name Concept.  

The name ‘STOKR’ was conceived to serve the brand’s purpose: better living through innovation, signaling not just a play on fintech terms (STO – security tokens) but also the brand’s irreverent personality, further expressed through the voice and tone of the marketing communication materials.


Digital Identity.

The digital identity embodies the product’s proposition: simplified investment for everyday humans. Built around flat color swatches, open source font and custom iconography, the design system is elevated through animation suggestive of blockchain tech.


Go-to-Market Strategy.

A series of marketing materials designed to promote STOKR at fintech conferences and road shows.

Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 14.03.23.png
Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 14.06.12.png